Boost Developer Focus and Productivity With ismypagecached

Ismypagecached is a micro-service that helps developers and website owners quickly visualize the page caching status of their website by parsing publicly visible information contained in HTTP headers and HTML content, just like a developer would.

However, it can do it a lot faster and is also aware of various configurations that even developers might not know about. In short, Ismypagecached could save a great deal of time and make your engineers even more productive.

Why does it save time, would you ask? Let’s have a small demonstration. Below are HTTP headers, and some of the highlighted entries would indicate that the page is cached (cache “hit”) by Fastly (a CDN) and has been there for 1625 seconds (~27 minutes).

HTTP Headers are not fun to look at, even for experts

For a person, scanning this information would take a few seconds or more, even if we highlighted the interesting bits. And keep in mind that it’s just not the time to scan it that is lost, but also the distraction that looking at a bunch of irrelevant data can generate.

If the developer has to refresh and look into the HTML code, every test can take 10-15 seconds and become a sizeable distraction. This project started as an internal tool to develop Ubergizmo, but other developers can enjoy the same convenience now.

Many optimizers store additional information in the HTML code

On the other hand, our tool provides the exact same information in a much clearer and faster way, leaving the developer to focus on the data they are interested in: is it cached? Where? Since when?

Instantly get all the information you need and keep hitting “Test” when you make changes

If you consider that more complex situations might involve several caching layers that could change every time you test… the time savings can quickly add up during a cache debugging session or tech support ticket.

We’re rolling out an API for agencies and hosting companies that would allow professionals to integrate with their dashboards.

Be kind to your developer and let them know about our free online page cache testing tool. It might help them focus even more on your cool website and do their absolute best to tune your page caching because it’s a big deal!

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