Cloudflare Is Not Caching My Page. Is It Bad?

Most of the time, people who use ismypagecached notice that Cloudflare does not cache HTML content (page caching), and sometimes they are shocked! What’s going on? Is it a malfunction?

Well… no. Most people don’t realize that Cloudflare does NOT cache web pages by default because page caching issues can be confusing for non-technical website owners.

So, if you see “Cloudflare: not cached” in our tool, it’s most likely completely normal unless you specifically configured it to cache web pages.

Now, should you have Cloudflare cache your pages? We think that you should use the easy and paid Cloudflare APO, the slightly more complicated but free Cloudflare workers options, or the “cache everything” option.

Cloudflare is what we call a Level-2 page caching, and it is best for lower TTFB and can scale to nearly infinite caching in terms of traffic and the number of pages being cached.

Sure, it’s more complicated to configure, but it will become a no-brainer as your success grows. By the way, that’s true for most content delivery networks (CDNs).

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